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Are you interested in constructing homes? Want to make a career in it? Homebuilders are in high demand, for they help families beautify and upgrade their home to a modern and high-tech building. To become a home builder, you will need the following:

1. Bachelor’s Degree: You will need to pass a bachelor’s degree in any stream. However, students with mathematics, engineering, construction accounting related subjects are benefited for their learning is useful in constructing homes as compared to the students of Arts. You can also take up courses for learning computer-aided design software such as Auto CAD and database using software such as Bechtel Software SETROUTE. Learning integrated construction management software such as Lombardi Teamworks and more can also help.

2. Become Certified: Gaining knowledge or completing a course is not enough. You will need to get certified to be able to provide services as a home builder. For certification, you can apply to the Construction Management Association of America, which provides the Certified Construction Manager designation for applicants who have fulfilled experience requirements, taken a self-study course, and passed a technical exam. Another certification that you may consider is the American Institute of Constructors; the organization handles the Associate Constructor and Certified Professional Constructor exams.

3. Obtain a License: You will need to have a license to be able to provide service in the chosen locality. You may have to apply to the National Association of State Contractors Licensing Agencies that oversee the Accredited Examination for Commercial General Builder Contractors.

4. Gain Experience: People and families will contact you only if you have enough experience. So, you will have to gain a certain level of experience to call yourself an expert in building homes.

5. Become LEED Certified to Advance Your Career: Once you have made your debut as a home builder, you may want to grow, and for that, you will have to apply for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

You think you have what it takes to become a great home builder? Here are some top home building tips to get you started! 

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